Top 28 Video Gaming Setup Room Ideas

Whether you’ve just assembled your first killer PC gaming build, dedicating the entire living room for gaming purposes, or you want to combine your passion for music and gaming into a single battlestation, we’ve collected a huge range of ideas for decorating your home space to match your obsession.

We’ll check out some impressive games room decor ideas, and throw in some DIY projects (or Ikea hacks) to implement into your own space.

Just a heads up: we shamelessly share some awesome video game room ideas from reddit r/battlestations, so we highly recommend you check out that subreddit for even more ideas and discussion. And of course, we always provide a source link.

RGB gaming room

1. RGB and Screens

Is there such as thing as too much RGB lighting? Apparently not. And the same thinking goes for having too many screens in your face. Check out some of the not-so-obvious details though – the mini fridge on the left, the custom wire-frame desk setup, the tetris blocks and lego sets. It all amounts to an awesome battlestation.

2. Black-and-White Gaming Station

A simple black and white setup for some computer room ideas. Again, check out some of the cool details: there are game pad hooks on the wall, and clever use of wire mold on the walls to hide the cables (without having to put holes on the walls to run the cables).

Console display case

3. Gaming Console Display Shelf

Any retro gaming collector needs a way to display their lot, and the best way to do this is with RGB lighting (of course). This setup comes with full detailed instructions on how to build this exact shelf, so you can upgrade your game room decor.

So if you’re looking for some game room decor, this is a good place to start.

PC Gaming decor

4. Simple But Impressive PC Gaming Station

Similar to #2 on our list but still very impressive. I like the glass display case on the left, and some really great cable management keeps everything looking clean and professional.

modern living room

5. Modern Living Room

Out of the bedroom and into the living room, now we have something modern and comfortable for hosting a group of friends. It’s simple, well lit, and great for impressing guests.

rustic gaming room

6. Rustic Gaming Room

Doubling as a cool rustic office space and gaming setup, this room takes some great farm house/industrial decor ideas and creates a really warm and modern space.

his and her gaming room

7. His and Her Gaming Room

Maybe you and your significant other take gaming very seriously? Why not do it together? A “His & Her” video game room is exactly what you need to help you bond or battle it out.

Gaming / Music Setup

8. Gaming / Music Setup

Wow. If you’re into music production and gaming then this room probably looks like heaven. Be sure to check out Boris’s Instagram for a full tour of his amazing setup.

This is certainly more geared towards a music studio, but there’s definitely some great game room ideas.

mario bedroom

9. Mario Bedroom

This Super Mario room design was intendted for a 13-year-old, but I honestly want it for myself. I highly recommend checking out the full gallery, because the level of detail is astounding.

Steampunk Room

10. Steampunk Room

This is certainly different. Going for a straight up industrial/steampunk inspired setting, you can see a lot of conduit and copper tubing on the walls and ceiling. Also they mounted old light bulbs, clocks, gears, and orbs scattered throughout. An industrial command center might not be for everyone, but there’s definitely a lot of work and inspiration that went into this.

Comic Book Gaming Room

11. Comic Book Gaming Room

Sometimes you just need some color and cool art to really bring a room together. Just add Marvel, DC, and Star Wars posters, a nice desk and PC case with some RGB, and don’t forget to add a Labrador under the desk.

Side note – if you want to learn how to build this desk we have a great guide on building IKEA Gaming Desks.

NES controller coffee table

12. NES Controller Coffee Table

Now for something a little different. How about building your own NES controller table to impress all your friends?

13. Ultimate Gamer Room

I’m pretty sure I had fantasies involving this room as a child. They somehow managed to fit an entire GameStop into a small bedroom, but it still looks clean and organized.

You’ll need some serious shelf space for all your video games, figures, and display art, but the room design is perfect.

14. Clean and Modern Gaming Room

We’ve looked at some somewhat chaotic rooms in previous entries, so now here’s something super clean and modern. Who says you can’t be a gaming geek and still not impress your date?

Future Neon Gaming Setup

15. Future Neon Build

You may have noticed these wall lights are pretty popular game room decor (especially with YouTubers), they’re called Nanoleafs, and while quite pricey they do look pretty cool. Add a backlit keyboard, and a LED strip for the back of your desk and you got a Bladerunner style setup.

16. Angry Birds Kids Room

Maybe you’re just really into angry birds? This is actually a 3d rendering, but there’s still some cool ideas for a kids room.

Gaming Room

17. Comfy Gaming Space

Here’s something more traditional, a comfy couch in a living room with a few cool extra features. There’s an old coffee table with some RGB lighting, and a backlit shelf for their retro gaming systems.

Hidden Game Room

18. Hidden Game Room

Using a bedroom closet space, and some rustic sliding barn doors, you have this awesome bedroom setup that can easily be stashed away.

His and Her

19. His and Her Setup (Pt. 2)

Another couples getaway, just copy and paste your setup and get a bigger couch. A perfect gaming living room for you and the girlfriend.

Ultimate Battle Station

20. Ultimate Basement Battlestation

This gallery really shows off how you can fit everything you need into a single room, and still have it look clean and modern.

There’s some really great game room ideas in here, from the custom paint job, the cool coffee table, to the star wars art, and even the lighting.

Color Coordinated

21. Color Coordinated

Simple yet meticulously planned. Color coordination can really make your setup (and personality) stand out from the crowd. Especially if it includes a custom steel and marble desk and matching wall decor. 

22. Build Shop

Something a little different – this is less of a gaming room and more of a workstation, but I loved it so much I thought it was worth sharing.

Purple Desk

23. Purple Basement Setup

It’s always amazing what a few LED strips can do to a room, it transforms this simple desk and monitors to an awesome gaming battlestation. Don’t forget your samurai sword though.


24. Retro Library

The ultimate retro library owned by the infamous stopXwhispering, and it’s really something to behold. There’s a full detailed gallery that I think everyone should visit just for the sheer size of this collection.

25. Compact Bedroom Gaming

Not everyone can dedicate huge spaces for their gaming setup, and for a lot of people it means making due with the space available. This is a great example of using the bedroom space to include all the essentials.

Music and Gaming

26. Compact Music and Gaming

Organized symmetry can really make a space that’s accessible and pleasing to the eye. Not to mention the impressive screen space all on a single desk.

27. Apartment Space

A simple condo space with the essential gaming pc and kitty tree, but it shows how a clean and organized space looks warm and inviting to guests. Also, bonus points for the giant bean bag chair.

28. Zelda Nursery

We’ll end off on something a little different, here’s a bedroom tour of a couple that created a Zelda: Wind Waker nursery for their new baby. It’s actually amazing, and definitely how you set your children up to succeed in life.

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