60 Ways to Repurpose & Reuse Old Picture Frames

If you’re like me, the creative part of your brain resists throwing anything out. And now you’ve got a handful of picture frames (or maybe you scored a few vintage frames from Goodwill), but you’re in need of some DIY craft ideas.

I’m a master at recycling (or “upcycling”) old stuff, and old picture frames are no exception. So I scoured the interwebs for all the coolest ideas and put them here in a nifty list for you.

1. Picture Frame Bookshelf

A simple shelf with a little extra elegance, perfect for books or those sentimental items.

2. Earring Display

If you’re like me then you would haphazardly throw all your earrings in a bowl and have to dig through it like lost treasure to find a matching pair. This is a simple and elegant way to put them on display and keeps your life more organized than mine.

3. Framing Old Notes

A really unique and wonderful way to keep old notes safe and on display.

4. Burlap Art

This is just cute and a good little boredom buster, not to mention it goes well with any thrift store frame.

5. Frame Jewelery and Turn It Into Wall Decor

Another jewelry holder, but with a lot more room for organization, and doubles as some unique wall decor.

6. Key Holder DIY

Every house needs one of these, so make it look like part of your home with a simple frame.

7. Table Organizer

Everyone needs one of these, a simple envelope system to keep your bills, mail, and important notes within arms reach (instead of the pile that develops on the kitchen counter).

8. Hanging Basket Stand

If you’ve got the garden bug and feel the need to plant something, this is a great little project, and perfect if you don’t have a garden but still want somewhere to display your next plant.

9. Perfect Ribbon Dispenser

Got a craft room and dozens of little spools (ribbon or otherwise?), maybe you need a neat little dispenser.

10. DIY Terrarium Using Old Picture Frames

This is some next level thinking, using frames for a terrarium is not something I would have ever thought of, but now that I see this it makes total sense.

11. Framed Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards are so plain and boring, they need to get with the times, and none other than Martha Stewart as the solution.

12. Shabby beach cottage framed seashells

Turning something old into something new while still making it look kinda old, it’s what rustic beauty is all about.

Picture frame chic serving tray

13. Chic Serving Tray

Impress your guests with your rustic charm and using an old frame to create a beautiful tray.

14. Spring Time Vintage Frame

Sometimes you don’t even need anything in the frame to display it’s beauty.

15. Framed Garden Pots

Another framed hanging pot, but instead of a free standing frame now we have something to display to the whole world.

16. Advent Calendar

A little rustic holiday spirit in the form of an advent calendar, it’s cute and charming and great for some holiday decor.

17. Table Holder and Charging Station

I’m willing to bet you could use one of these, because I lose my phone all over my house and constantly forget to charge it.

18. Filing Cabinet Makeover

This is one of things where I always think: “why didn’t I think of that?” It’s so simple and perfect.

19. Repurposed Spice Jars and Frames

Just finding a few simple items and combining them can turn it into a beautiful display.

20. Patterned Wall Squares

Find your inner artist and go a little abstract with some painting and framing to create an interesting display.

21. DIY Pedestal Table

At first glance this might look like a difficult task, but if you take a closer loo the pedestal is actually an old lap and frame, painted blue.

22. Framed Wallflowers

Another collection of framed jars and plants, starting to notice a trend? Probably because it’s just such a neat idea.


23. Chicken Wire Message Board

I never would have thought to combine chicken wire, clothes line clips, and a vintage frame, but it works.

24. Organize Your Glasses

Just like the jewelry display, but especially useful for someone who desperately needs a way to keep their glasses in order.


25. Make a Mirror Wall

Find a collection of mirrors and old frames, and now you have totally unique and budget friendly wall decor.

dry erase calendar

27. dry erase calendar

Amazing if you have kids, and great for keeping all your most important school tasks and chores in order.

28. Mini Magnet Picture Frames

Magnets are cool and all, but how much cooler do these look with mini frames?

29. Salvaged Wood Chalkboard

If you’re going for the farmhouse rustic charm (and who isn’t these days?), then I’m sure this caught your attention. And I’m sure it’ll catch the attention of all your guests as well.

30. Trendy Bookshelf

Big and bold statements coming from this shelf.


31. Silverware Artwork

Vintage frame designs with painted silverware is another unique (and budget friendly) approach to some shabby wall decor.

framed wall organizer

32. Personal Wall Organizer

A really good Pottery Barn knock-off you can make at home and it won’t cost you a fortune!


33. New Look For Old Photos

Introducing the the new-old picture frame 2.0, now with even more vintage charm.

DIY Lantern

34. DIY Lantern from old frames

Yep, this is a working lantern styles light fixture made from old frames. You’ll need 4 identical frames and little bit of painting skill, but it absolutely works. 

Diy Ornate frame magnets

35. Diy Ornate frame magnets

Frame your kids drawings, the weekly calendar, and weekly events. Who says the front of the fridge can’t look shabby and organized?

unique pin board

36. Create a unique pin board

Create this beautiful work of art with a collection of notes, pictures, ribbons, and small keepsakes.  It’s an artful pin board that will certainly gain attention.

Store Jewelry in Vintage Frames

37. Store Jewelry in Vintage Frames

Another jewelry hanger, but it’s always neat to see how different people approach the same idea (so that you can create your own ideas).

Framed scrap book

38. Another Framed Pin board

And another pin board but with a different approach. But your pin board can be used as a collection of ideas, personal goals, or just pieces of things you love.

organize craft sewing

39. Organize Craft and Sewing supplies

Use old frames to organize your sewing room.

framed jewelry holder

40. framed jewelry holder

What? Another Jewelry Holder? But see how awesome that grid is? Well, that’s actually a clover leaf radiator grill from Home Depot, and look how perfect it goes with that painted frame.

DIY Pantone Paint Chip Memo Board

41. DIY Pantone Paint Chip Memo Board

Create a white board from paint sample cards and then frame it to win in life.

Ceiling medallion

42. Ceiling medallion

That’s right, framing your chandelier adds a whole new level of charm you didn’t know you needed.

Homework Solution (or boredom buster)

43. Homework Solution (or boredom buster)

Who want’s boring old file folders when you can frame them for maximum awesomeness.

44. Hide a protruding object

Hide garage door openers, intercoms, light switches, and more!

Frame Pin Cushion

45. Framed Pin Cushion

Maybe you need something a little simpler but handy? How about this cute pin cushion.


46. DIY Vanity Tray

A beautiful vanity tray to display your perfumes or colognes.

Picture Frame Pine Cone Wreath

46. Picture Frame Pine Cone Wreath

You probably have a few pin cones in your area, and you can glue them around a frame to get in the holiday spirit without spending much.


47. Turn any frame into a chalkboard

Simple yet effective, just a rustic chalk board for your everyday needs.

spring time flower frame

48. spring time flower frame

Hit up your local craft store and hot glue these flowers to any old frame you have laying around, in no time you have a beautiful creation.

DIY Picture Frame Plant holder

49. DIY Picture Frame Plant holder

Here’s a more practical use of a frame, turn it into a table and tie it up for a plant holder.

50. DIY Magnetic Organizational Board from a Thrifted Frame

Create your own magnetic board that suits your style and keeps your organized.

51. DIY Key Holder

Simple and effective, hang your keys up in style.

Picture Frame House Numbers

52. Picture Frame House Numbers

Who needs boring old house numbers, do something different that stands out of the crowd.

hidden medicine cabinet

53. hidden medicine cabinet

Who doesn’t love secret compartments? Hide your medicine cabinet, safe, or other hidden treasure behind a picture frame.

holiday christmas tray

54. holiday christmas tray

How cute is this? Break out the eggnog and pull out this tray for some serious holiday spirit.

Nature Art

55. Nature Art

A vintage frame and some sticks creates modern art that looks like you stole it from a prestigious museum, not bad.

56. Vanity Tray

A cute and beautiful vanity tray for the bathroom, keep your soaps or perfumes on display.

wall plant hangers

57. wall plant hangers

An adorable display that would look great indoors or outside in the garden.

58. Make a Message Board

A pin board with some beautiful aesthetic that begs to be used.


59. Photo Frame Pin Cushion

Hey it’s another pin cushion idea, but I’m okay with having more than one.

DIY Inspiration + Mood Board

60. DIY Inspiration + Mood Board

A collection of your best memories, hopes, and dreams put on display in the most beautiful way possible.

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