14 Cozy Gamer Girl Desk Setups

Chill vibes, lo-fi beats, coffee, blankets, and gaming on a rainy Sunday. That’s what this is all about. If you’re setting up your perfect relaxation station we have inspiration from all over. I love how each setup has a unique aesthetic but ultimately still arrives …

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5 Easy Warhammer & Wargaming Table Builds

If you’ve recently discovered Warhammer 40k, wargaming, or any other assortment of tabletop games, there’s one thing you’ll need above all else: a space to play. A regular kitchen table might be okay for smaller scale games, but if your armies continue to grow, so …

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Top 28 Video Gaming Setup Room Ideas


Whether you’ve just assembled your first killer PC gaming build, dedicating the entire living room for gaming purposes, or you want to combine your passion for music and gaming into a single battlestation, we’ve collected a huge range of ideas for decorating your home space …

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