19 Simple Over The Toilet Storage Solutions

​Here's one corner of the house that doesn't get enough consideration. But what a difference i​t can make in transforming your bathroom.

There's 2 trains of thought here: either you want to decorate the bathroom and fill that void above the toilet, OR you need to utilize that storage space to gain some sanity back into that room.

So we'll cover both instances... Beautifying the bathroom, or ​building some ​storage hacks (while also making it look beautiful at the same time).

​And if you just need some creative toilet paper holders, we got some of those too.


​1. DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves

​Who doesn't love a little rustic shelving? If that's your jam then look no further. They're sturdy and allow for easy access to towels and all other bathroom essentials. The pipes are threaded fittings you can find in the plumbing section at any hardware store, and is super easy to put together. 

Reclaimed Ladder Shelf

​2. Reclaimed Wood Shelf

​This unique piece is a few pieces of reclaimed wood, and built into a sort of ladder/shelf. You can see they cleverly used a basket with hooks to act as storage, and they can use the middle bar for towels. Unfortunately, there are no detailed build instructions, but it's still quite a simple build - just make sure it's sturdy and ​pinned to the wall. 

​3. Bathroom Reno

​Again, there is no build instructions here - just some pictures to get your imagination going. But the clever use of shelves and baskets should give you a few ideas on how to match the theme of your own bathroom upgrade. 


​4. How to make a Hanging Bathroom Shelf for only $10!

​I think this one checks off all the requirements for a great little bathroom project. It's rustic, beautiful, useful, and easy. Oh, and it's cheap. And thankfully, Shanty2chic has provided all the instructions needed to build this.

​5. Floating White Shelves

​Here's another simple - yet very effective - method of cleaning up your bathroom space and keeping a very modern or rustic look. They simply use floating shelves with a satin finish to give it a nice shine.

​6. Repainted Basket Shelves

It may look intimidating at first, but this one is quite easy. Just seek out some old crates, and pin the bottom of the create directly to the wall. For bonus points, give it a weathered paint job to match your bathroom or theme (like this did above).

​7. Fence-wood Shelf

​This shelf was created using some old fence wood, nails, and some walnut stain. Then some twine for hanging photos (if that's what you're going for). The result: a very charming little station for photos or storage.

​8. Reclaimed wood old sign shutter shelf

​Recycling at it's finest - take a close look at the sides (yes, those are old shutters). Even if you don't have any old shutters hanging around, it gives you a good idea on how you can use almost anything to create a cool storage space.

Nautical Rope Shelf

​9. Nautical Rope Shelf

​Hey there sailor! The gold ropes, navy blue paint, and shower curtain together give this a very oceanic ​theme.  Rope shelves are a very cool and unique storage solution, but it take a little bit of careful balancing.

Bathroom makeover on the cheap

​10. Bathroom Makeover on The Cheap

​You never know what you'll find at a garage sale, like Jamielyn found this frame and it sat in her garage for a few years. All it needed was a coat of spray paint. Just goes to show that you don't always have to build, sometimes it's more just finding the right thing to "upcycle".

​11. A Wall Full of Baskets

​Baskets, baskets everywhere. And so accessible too. If you have time to pick up a few cheap baskets from the dollar store, and hang a towel rack, then you are in the basket business.

BEKVAM Spice rack and roll holder

​12. BEKVAM Spice Rack and Roll Holder

​This is hilarious and awesome. It's an ikea spice rack, with some straps for toilet paper. There's not really much else to stay here.

Wall-Mounted Baskets

​13. Wall-Mounted Baskets

​I really love simple ideas like this. Like just pinning a basket to the wall. It looks cool and rustic, and it's useful. Not to mention, it will take you all of 5 minutes to put up.

A Bathroom Makeover

​14. A Bathroom Makeover

​Here's another full bathroom makeover filled with ideas to get your creative juices going. In this case it's just some simple walnut shelves. It's not over the top, but it's very useful and has tons of storage.

Bathroom Transformation

​15. Bathroom Transformation

​More rope shelves! I can't get enough of these. But this one just matches the theme of the bathroom so well I had to include it.

How to Build DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves

​17. How to Build DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves

​And another industrial pipe shelf. What I love is the thought that went into the details, including the ​weathered "flush" sign underneath.

How To Make A Wall Hanging Organizer

​18. How To Make A Wall Hanging Organizer

​This is what I call being super creative. Hanging a shelf on plumbers pipes to give it an industrial look. And the weathered white/grey paint just adds perfection. 

Modern Farmhouse Inspired Bathroom

​19. Modern Farmhouse Inspired Bathroom

​Here's another full bathroom makeover, and over the toilet you'll notice some beautiful stained floating shelves. The decor on the shelves really brings the whole thing together. And of course, the dark walnut stain.

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