60 Ways to Repurpose & Reuse Old Picture Frames


If you’re like me, the creative part of your brain resists throwing anything out. And now you’ve got a handful of picture frames (or maybe you scored a few vintage frames from Goodwill), but you’re in need of some DIY craft ideas. I’m a master …

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Top 28 Video Gaming Setup Room Ideas


Whether you’ve just assembled your first killer PC gaming build, dedicating the entire living room for gaming purposes, or you want to combine your passion for music and gaming into a single battlestation, we’ve collected a huge range of ideas for decorating your home space …

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23 DIY Outdoor Pallet Projects

Why are pallets such a big deal lately? Probably because they’re so easy to get a hold of, and so versatile to work with. Not to mention, the wear and tear on most pallets actually adds to its charm.  Most warehouses have a massive pile …

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19 Ideas to Organize Your Office Space

​There’s just something that happens when ​doing creative work in the office​ that usually leads to creating an epic mess​. ​But as many experts will tell you: a clean office allows you to work more efficiently. It’s certainly a battle between the two. ​So maybe the …

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