60 Ways to Repurpose & Reuse Old Picture Frames


If you’re like me, the creative part of your brain resists throwing anything out. And now you’ve got a handful of picture frames (or maybe you scored a few vintage frames from Goodwill), but you’re in need of some DIY craft ideas. I’m a master …

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23 DIY Outdoor Pallet Projects

Why are pallets such a big deal lately? Probably because they’re so easy to get a hold of, and so versatile to work with. Not to mention, the wear and tear on most pallets actually adds to its charm.  Most warehouses have a massive pile …

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19 Ideas to Organize Your Office Space

​There’s just something that happens when ​doing creative work in the office​ that usually leads to creating an epic mess​. ​But as many experts will tell you: a clean office allows you to work more efficiently. It’s certainly a battle between the two. ​So maybe the …

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